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Relief from Dry Eye

Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Dry Eyes and Related Conditions

Alleve Eye Clinic is South Australia's only dedicated dry eye clinic. Established in 2016, Alleve is equipped with the latest technology and our team is dedicated to providing thorough diagnosis, effective at-home management plans, and in-office therapies tailored to our patients' individual needs.
We focus solely on the diagnosis and management of Dry Eyes, Blepharitis and other related ocular surface conditions.  Our mission is to improve the comfort and quality of life of our patients by helping to alleviate symptoms such as watering, redness, grittiness, tiredness, heaviness, dryness and irritation.  
  • We assess and help people with all levels of severity of dry eye and blepharitis.
  • Chronic sufferers who have not found adequate relief are very welcome.
  • We take a holistic approach to assessing your symptoms and signs, environmental and systemic health history, past treatments, etc, and work with you to establish a management plan to help improve your symptoms that may be negatively affecting your lifestyle.
  • We do not offer other optometric services such as prescription testing or ocular health checks for diabetes or glaucoma - our interest is in treating and managing dry eye disease, blepharitis and related conditions only. 
  • Our advanced diagnostic equipment allows us to accurately diagnose, treat and monitor the eye and lid conditions that cause dry eye symptoms.
  • We treat you as a person, not just as a pair of eyes, and work with you on an at-home and in-office treatment plan that fits in with your individual needs.

What is Dry Eye?

What is Blepharitis?

How Can Alleve Help?

How Can I Help Myself?



In-office tear film osmolarity testing

Oculus Keratograph

Oculus Keratograph

The new standard in dry eye diagnosis and monitoring.

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Alleve Eye Clinic
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Tel: (08) 7225 9798
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