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With SA borders opening to the Eastern States we now move to the next phase of ‘living’ with Covid-19.  The responsibility of keeping all of my patients, my staff and myself (and my family) safe while we help you manage your dry eye is paramount, and is one I am taking extremely seriously. As such, we will be implementing significant changes to the practice to keep you as safe as we can.  Please read on so you are familiar with our ‘new normal’.

  • ALL patients and visitors will be supplied with a surgical grade 1 or 2 single use mask which you MUST wear before you enter the practice.  This will be supplied to you outside the front door or by the reception staff.  Please wait outside for your mask if there is not one readily available. Instructions on correct wear will be given if they are incorrectly fitted. The mask is to be worn at ALL times in the practice and until you leave the practice.


  • Please sanitise your hands before opening the front door. There will be a sanitising station by the front door.


  • If you have ANY signs of cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell, fever, have been in contact with anyone with COVID, please DO NOT come to your appointment. There will not be any cancellation fees for this no matter how last minute it may be.


  • For those of you with a mask exemption, you are not permitted to enter the practice without a mask unless you can provide proof of your double (or at least your first) vaccination to reception staff status on entry. This includes anyone you have brought with you. Please contact us before your consultation if you are not able to visually share your vaccination status with us on your arrival to your appointment. Please show evidence of your written mask exemption to either Jennifer or Antoinette (Optometrists) at the beginning of the consultation.


  • If you are unable to wear a mask and share your vaccination status, you will need to speak directly to Jennifer or Antoinette (optometrists) prior to your appointment. You will be asked to wait in your car or outside until your appointment time – we will call you when we are ready to see you. You will be asked to enter via our rear door and the consultation will need to be less than 15 minutes duration. You will be emailed/posted an invoice to pay via internet banking or we can take payment over the phone or a cheque, and we will ask you to sign a Medicare claim form so we can submit your rebate claim to Medicare for your behalf.  We are absolutely committed to providing you the best dry eye care and we are aware that some people are not able to be vaccinated – we hope you appreciate our commitment to protecting everyone in our practice as a whole including yourself.


  • We wish to keep bodies in the practice (because it is a small space!) to a minimum.  Please only attend with another person if they are necessary, and if you are early for your appointment, please wait in your car or outside until your appointment time then enter the practice. Remember social distancing at all times.


  • We will be using a surface disinfectant that has been TGA approved and laboratory tested to kill Covid 19 (as well as many other bacteria and viruses) between patients to keep communal areas as safe as possible.


  • Continue to use the QR code provided on the front door and counter or ask reception to add your details to our hard copy contact tracing sheet.


  • For any treatment that need our practice staff to be working close to you, we will be wearing either safety glasses and an n95 mask or a face visor and surgical mask for your protection, as well as thorough hand washing. All staff will be wearing surgical grade single use masks at all times.


I thank you for your understanding of these measures. These are unprecedented times and there is a lot of anxiety around the coming changes for many people.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly either via phone 7225 9798 or via my email if you have any concerns or would like to discuss anything further. We are here to provide you the best dry eye care that we can!

Warm regards


Jennifer Rayner

Principle Optometrist/Director