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ALLEVE EYE CLINIC is Adelaide’s only dedicated dry eye clinic focussing solely on the diagnosis, management and alleviation of dry eye symptoms such as watering, redness, grittiness, dryness and irritation. Whether you are moderately bothered by it or are a chronic sufferer with little or no relief so far, we are here to assess your symptoms and help you find a better management plan. We do not offer other optometric services such as prescription testing or ocular health checks for diabetes or glaucoma – our interest is in treating and managing dry eye disease. 

Dry eye is a multi-factorial disease, and diagnosis and management can be quite complex. Many people who suffer from 'dry eye' and other eye surface problems are under-treated and the underlying cause can be undiagnosed. 


At ALLEVE EYE CLINIC we are all about finding you much better management solutions for your eye symptoms. Too often even mild symptoms can be a struggle to treat and this can lead to a feeling of frustration and defeat in finding comfort from your symptoms.  Our approach is a holistic one - dry eye can be influenced by medications, inflammatory diseases and many other factors - and best management is usually found by trying to address the cause, not just the symptoms.



Because treatment and management of ‘dry eye’ is such a complex process, we like to see you for an initial consultation which includes a questionnaire on your general health, your symptoms and significant factors that might be contributing to your issues.  From there we can determine if you need a full dry eye workup and management plan, or if there is a shorter course of action that can be taken to help you find relief. 


Please bring your Medicare card, a list (or actual boxes/bottles) of your current medication, a list of any surgical procedures or medical conditions that you have and the name and address of your GP and any regular optometrist or specialist you are under the care of.  Understanding you, your health and your eyes is a significant step in helping to diagnose and manage your condition correctly. All information is kept strictly confidential and adheres to our privacy policy.

Our Optometrists
ME 2021.JPG
Dr Jennifer Rayner
BAppSc(Optom), GradCertOcTher(UNSW)
Dr Rene Malingre
Dr Antoinette Abouhamad
B.Optom (UNSW)

A Registered Nurse in her former life, she has practiced general Optometry since 2003 and loves the freedom that an independent practice brings.  She found her passion for dry eye over the last 8 years and together with business partner Rene, saw the need for dry eye to be addressed. She is proud to have founded South Australia’s first dedicated ‘Dry Eye’ clinic.  When she’s not delighting in squeezing eyelids and analysing tear films, she loves to cook – especially using produce from her own garden, run, spend time with her family and indulge in her love of all things Indian.

Rene has been in practice since 1990. His career has taken him from Queensland to South Australia, via postgraduate studies at QUT.

He has been the owner with his wife Liz, and principal optometrist at Adelaide Eye Care since 2003, one of Adelaide's largest independent optometry practices.

He has a keen interest in complex eye conditions and medical use of contact lenses. Rene is very pleased to be able to help Jennifer provide the advanced diagnosis and care to the dry eye sufferers of South Australia.



Antoinette has been practising optometry since 1988 and has worked across Australia in various private and commercial practices as well as in Indigenous public health settings.

She has gravitated towards focusing on alleviating dry eye symptoms after she personally felt the debilitating effect that it can have.

She wears many hats other than optometrist including wife, mother, reader, cook and lover of crossword and jigsaw puzzles.

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