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Alleve Eye Clinic now has it's own rooms to dedicate to the management of your dry eye! Conveniently located at leafy 49a Stephen Terrace, St Peters SA 5069, there is plenty of parking at the rear (access from 7th Avenue), plenty of on-street parking on 7th Avenue or across the road in the St Peters Cellars Sip N Save car park. Access is via our front entrace - and there's a rare Telstra public phone box right outside our front door as a convenient location marker! We are also next door to the GP surgery. It's exciting times as the practice builds with people finding us from the internet, referred from friends or family and their health practitioners. Call or email us now for an initial appointment to see if we can find a BETTER management solution for your sore, watery, dry, irritable, red, stinging or burning eyes!

The Team at Alleve Eye Clinic look forward to seeing you soon !

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